Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sweet Sweat

Apparently I'm an impulsive buyer.

Walking past the West Coast Hot Yoga Studio yesterday afternoon I made the impulse logical decision to sign up for the 30 day Yoga Challenge.


I don't even LIKE yoga! 

But I can't help but be curious when I hear so many people talk about how it simultaneously calms then, re-energizes them and transforms their bodies.  I mean don't get me wrong - I've done my fair share of the yoga classes - tested everything from bikrams, to power, to hatha, to flow, yin, yang and all the other "yoga-centric" workouts.  But never have I attempted to actually commit to the practice...

So fine.  I'll give it a try (of course by "try", I mean I will go overboard and attempt a radical month long test)

Day 1 Results:
That was the most awful amazing interesting 90 minutes of my life.  Don't get me wrong - I know I'm fit. I just didn't know I was fit and yet incredibly NOT flexible.

And can we talk about the smell?  This is something I am going to have to get used to.... that or just stop breathing.

Oh and the self-talk?  No one told me I would be spending 90 minutes convincing myself I could do it.  I literally had to continually tell myself "You are not going to pass out", "You can get through this", "This will get easier" UGHH

But alas... I did get through it.  and I'll be the first to admit - I walked away with a giant smile on my face.

Let the journey continue...

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