Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Falling... Dive

I did it.  I sucked it up and finally told my terrifying, intimidating,  passive-aggressive, angry-b*tch of a boss I was "adios amigo"

You have NO idea how liberating it is.

Ok - that's a bit of a lie... I'm actually quite petrified that I might have made the wrong decision... I mean what if all the condescending bullshit, was just her way of making me earn my stripes?  What if I should have put up with her verbally dismissive crap a little longer?  Was there a pot of gold at the end of rainbow?

Ohhh the endless doubts that accompany the life of a 25 year old.  Never sure if your right, never sure if your wrong.  I must remind myself to put faith in the unknown. Embrace what I can't control and give thanks to the Universe.

Now, if anyone has a PR job and needs a coordinator.  I'm your gal!  (jokes... sort of)

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