Monday, April 19, 2010

She Go Goes..

Gosh Durn' it! I've really gone and done it now.

Enter my new challenge: The 2010 Scotia Bank Half Marathon.

Yes on June 27th, I will officially become a "long-distance runner". Of course I understand that to many people, this is hardly a feat- after all thousands upon thousands of people do this every year (heck probably every month). But nonetheless, this is big. like REALLY big for me.

What inspired me to take this on you ask? As funny, sad, narcissistic as this might sound – I was really just sick of hearing other people talk about it. And so I figured; what’s wrong with me? I run practically 7 days a week. There is NO reason I can’t do it. And thus in a moment of bravery I registered for my first half marathon.

So training, visualizing, sweating aside, what’s really going to get me through this challenge? Visions of this…

Ok well maybe without the meat.  but yes visions of greasy eggs, pancakes and hashbrowns might just carry me across the finish line....

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