Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Lesson in Nourishing the Soul

 As of tomorrow today at 5:30pm I am officially taking a 3-day vacation (I know minuscule to many, but GIGANTIC to me) Feels like the first vacation I have had in FOREVER.  And while it’s not really a “vacation” in the traditional sense… I’m not hoping on plane, going to a tropical island, camping or cruising on any boats….

Even better, I’m simply taking some “Me Time”

Now what exactly is Me-Time?  (I know cheesy title, not to be confused with being punished to the corner like a 5-year old)

“Me-Time” is a time or place where you can nourish the soul, balance your needs, eat delicious food (oh my god I might even be able to MAKE my own dinners), breathe and best of all relax.

In all reality – I will likely spend this time sorting, cleaning, packing and un-packing my house (I’m supposed to be moving during this so-called meditative period).  Nonetheless, I am taking this time off to unwind, understand and try and prioritize my heart. 

To be totally frank, I am not a meditative person.  I need 2 (large) cups of coffee to get out of bed, I find Yoga too slow, I get road rage, I’ve been called Type-A (more than a few times) and I HATE the smell of hemp.  But lately, it feels like my life/work/sanity is taking its toll on me and I need to figure out a better way to do things.  I need to get rid of this permanent pit-in-my-stomach feeling, the constant cortisol-rush and the adrenaline hang-overs.

While I don’t want to add fuel to the fire and put pressure on this sacred me-time, I am in essence setting a challenge for myself (I know, I know,"challenge" is probably contradictory to the theme, but read back to “Type-A”) 

Whatever. It's my blog - I'll do what I want to.

So today at 5:30 I am challenging myself to slow down, seek peace and remember to breathe.  In essence it will be part vacation, part science experiment.


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