Friday, September 17, 2010

Dirty Dozen

Lets get real people.

I know you've thought about it.  Hell you've probably debated it, sworn out loud maybe even lied to others about it...

Well don't worry.  I'm here to tell you, no one really shops Organic 100% of the time.

If your anything like me and are forced to choose between Organic Produce - or - Paying Rent, then don't panic, there are really only a few KEY veggies we must be wary of.

Meet the Dirty Dozen - named as such, because they come with the heaviest burden of pesticides, additives and hormones.  

According to Environmental Working Group, consumers can reduce their pesticide exposure by 80% by simply avoiding the most contaminated fruits and vegetables. (source)

So who are the infamous Dirty Dozen?

Ughhh Maybe Not...

The Real Dirty Dozen: 

1. Celery - With little to no protective layering - one study found over 64 types of pesticides.  My only question is, doesn't Peanut Butter kill the germs?

2. Peaches - C'mon, I know you didn't think that fuzzy stuff was 'natural'

3. Strawberries - #3 on the list.  You might want to re-think that "sugar high"

4. Apples - This one hurts me.  I consume copious amounts of apples... but I just can't get over how often the organic apples have bugs in them.  Nothing throws off a nice crisp Pink Lady like a giant worm in the core (seen only after you've eaten the entire thing)

5. Nectarines - man, why do all the good ones have to be on this list!?  If you can't find organic, safer alternatives include watermelon, papaya and mango.

6. Bell Peppers - they way I burn cook these bad boys I'm not sure any germs could survive...

7. Kale - I'm surprised by this one.  With all the talk about this nutrient-dense leafy green, I could have sworn it was going to be hailed as the new Cancer - Drug.  Oh what? That's already happened?

8. Cherries - see #3

9. Imported Grapes - It takes a special kind of fruit to make something as potent as red wine

10. Leafy Greens - surprise, surprise

11. Carrots - You don't even want to know how they keep those baby carrots looking bright and juicy...

12. Pears - Have you ever felt a pear before it was ripe?  That's super human strength right there

*And a few other notable "dirties" to look out for include:

Blueberries - New to the list this year. Bueberries = dirtberries

Meat - I'm a vegetarian - so this doesn't get an "dirtier"

Milk - over 12 different pesticides have been identified in non-organic milk.  A side of cancer with your coffee anyone?

Coffee - Just think about where the beans are grown.  I don't know if they have Whole Foods in Nicaragua...

Potatoes - Thanks Dad.  I thought you said all the "nutrients" were in the dirt

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