Thursday, September 23, 2010

Worthy News

I love when major newspapers pay due to important community stories.

Case in Point: Today's Vancouver Sun cover story...

Two-Block Diet turns neighbours into urban villagers

East Vancouver agriculture project runs on elbow grease and a barn-raising spirit

Dawn Dunkerley (left) and Kate Sutherland, members of the Two-Block Diet neighbourhood gardening group, hold some of their harvest in Dunkerley's Vancouver backyard garden on Wednesday.

Photograph by: Les Bazso, Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Sun

It's an article about two Vancouver women who together, with a little support from friends and family started a fabulous neighbourhood gardening co-op. 

As it turns out the "Two-Block Diet" was born out of the common Vancouverite dilemma; desire for local food +  no space to sustain a garden.   Thus the community principle was born.  Converting neighbours backyards, creating "seeding-stations", organizing weekend work parties and crafting "Communal  Compost"they transformed much of Main Street into a giant community garden.

Today, the result of a passion for eating local, organic produce they have established a successful organization "Two-Block Diet".  Based in East Vancouver, these women have not only carved out a fabulous network or like-minded individuals who continue to support (and supply) our local farmers markets, but have just as importantly created a resource for those "novices" who have yet to start growing.  

To find out more, or to meet the "Two-Blockers" swing by the Village Vancouver Community Potluck Party on October 4th at Heritage Hall. You can also check out the website at villagevancouver.ning.com 

To read the full article: http://www.vancouversun.com/Block+Diet+turns+neighbours+into+urban+villagers/3566573/story.html#ixzz10NaWxkYp

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