Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Numbers Game

Imagine a day when calories don't exist.

OK - maybe a slight exaggeration...

But imagine a day when the predominant figure on food labels isn't calories.  The day when the average consumer can pick up any old item of food and see it as more than a piece of the perplexing diet puzzle.


Enter Nuval Nutrional Scoring System 
*note I came across this company via the fabulous Tina

Nuval is an American-based company doing their part to strip the myths behind all the "fat-free", "light", and my personal favorite "Guilt-Free" food labeling.   Using a 1-100 scoring guide NuVal scores food based on their nutritional scale.  With 100 being the best and 1 being a Krispy Kreme donut, its easy to see why this system will be a hit.

 From the website:

How the Scoring Works
NuVal™ Scores summarize comprehensive nutritional information in one simple number between 1 and 100.  Each NuVal™ Score takes into account more than just the nutrition fact panel.  It considers 30-plus nutrients and nutrition factors – the good (protein, calcium, vitamins) and the not-so-good (sugar, sodium, cholesterol).  And then it boils it down into a simple, easy-to-use number; a number you can trust to make better decisions about nutrition in just a few seconds.

Backed by an independent panel nutrition and medical experts, the scores are not like calories in that they are not dependent on food portions  - they are simply the overall nutrition quality of the food (irrelevant of size)

Maybe the day we start to see food as fuel - rather than trap is not as far away as we think....
A Girl Can Dream Can't She...

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