Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Have I told you about my obsession love for vegetables?  Well if I haven't, let me tell you;


I love carrots, zucchini, corn, peppers, celery, spinach, arugula, radish, avocado, tomatoes (is this a fruit?), broccoli, cauliflower, squash, pumpkin, peas, green beans even the most loathed of all... the brussel sprout!

When it comes to the Veg - I don't discriminate.

Hence my love for sweet sweet Sweet Cheribums - the Organic and Natural grocery store and cafe.

Last night I borderline overdosed on their vegetable buddha feast/miso salad/roasted vegetable lasagna (a heavenly overdose if there ever was any)

Sweet Cheribums is one of the few vegetarian digs that I find myself returning to again, and again (and again).  

With the moto: "Take A Load Off - Go Vegetarian" you just know they are going to do an amazing job of making vegetarian food laid back, playful, and oh so appealing.  But just as importantly, with a commitment to providing healthy, organic and ethical products, they are a vegetarian restaurant "for reasons of world hunger, world health, world environment and world peace.

Still need convincing? 

How about this quote from their website:
"Our foods are prepared with thoughts and concerns of global care, personal health, aesthetic nourishment and creative stimulation.  We integrate multi-cultural courageous and simple palates.  Our foods are whole, organic, and are prepared without refined sugar, saturated fats, additives or preservatives."

Oh and the best part? 

Due to their overwhelmingly, amazing desert bar (we are talking coconut macaroons, chocolate cake, mango pie, halva bars and vegan banana loafs, just to name a few) it's hardly a "struggle" to convince the boyfriend to join me.

1105 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC (at Napier)
Open 7 days a week


 Restaurant Hours      
10am - 8pm Monday - Saturday                                                 
11am to 7:30pm Sunday                                                            

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