Monday, September 27, 2010

Vice Versa

Lets take a minute to talk about "Vices".

By definition; a "practice or habit referring to fault, a defect, an infirmity or merely a bad habit"

I'll be the first to admit, I have vices.  Hell I have an entire pantry of vices.  In fact, my vices don't restrict themselves to one particular habit, food group, action or behaviour.  Oh Hell No. 

My Vices are everywhere.

Case in Point:

1. Yogurt Covered Raisins. (ps- this blog was inspired by my movie/excuse to eat these, date last night)
Something about that melt in your mouth, sweet, chewy goodness that just drives be nuts.

Speaking of nuts...

2. Bananas dipped in Peanut Butter.
What? Who does that? Sadly enough I do.  And just so you really get the picture - after the banana is all gone, I've been known to use my finger.

3. Happy Hour. (probably my worst of the vices)
I love everything about Happy Hour - I love the feeling that the day is done, I love the relaxed happiness that washes over you with that sip of wine.  I also love the bonding that comes with being around friends.  I even love the people watching that comes with any of the usual happy hour locales.
4. Running.
Crazy that this is on my vice list - but sadly its true.
I run too much.  I run when I'm exhausted.  I run when I'm dehydrated.  I run when I have blisters or sore muscles or worse stressed bones.

Running is simultaneously my escape and yet my downfall.

5. Routine.
Although my father would likely contest this as a said "vice", I think that anything unreasonable that can throw you into a full-fledged panic attack should be called such.
To the lay person, it might not appear that I live a particularly rigid schedule.  But once again, appearances can be deceiving.

Don't get me wrong this is something I definitely plan to work on.  I don't enjoy being ruled by the clock, terrorized by "what ifs" or scared to venture away for a weekend.  It's just that despite all this, my schedule, (the same one that torments me) also keeps me sane and anxiety free...

One day.

So what's the big deal?  Why do we all let vice's run rampage in our conscience?  Everyone has them -  or at least everyone I find interesting...

So today, in honour of my vices I am going to give myself the respect of accepting my vices for what they are;  Virtues.

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