Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Running Rut

I woke up this morning went to bed last night with great intentions of going for an early 10km run.  However, upon awaking to my obnoxious Caribbean drum alarm clock (I know - I'm one of those dorks) the thought of running any sort of physical exertion - was simply out of the question.

I think this is what you would call a "Running Rut"

Le Sigh.

Now what is the "Running Rut" you ask?

The "Running Rut"is something that always seems to occur completely out of the blue, for no apparent reason and often despite (or because of) a looming race-date.

So how does one get through the "rut"?

Simultaneously easy yet often painfully tormenting - you must wait.  Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours, sometimes weeks or months.  You wait until you suddenly have an indescribable urge to run.

Sounds crazy, I know.

But sometimes, regardless of reason or explanation the body just needs a break.  If your not giving yourself adequate rest and recuperation the body has this amazing way of MAKING you take a break.  Whether it's by injury, by sickness, exhaustion or simply "boredom", it is important you take note.

So today.  In an attempt to practice patience and self-care, I'm not going for the 10km (and crossing my fingers and toes that this lasts ONLY 1 day)

In the hopes that tomorrow, I can do this:

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